Why Vocational Training is Important

why Vocational training is important

Being in 21st-century education has been considered a key factor in evaluating the prosperity of any nation or an individual. Knowledge and skills matter a lot than only learning books by heart. Vocational training has more importance for those who are having a vague idea about their career choice, Skills and hands-on practice of any technical task is a key to success for those who are not willing to go through hard books and theory. Going to discuss why vocational training is important!!. Discussing it briefly, so that you can have a clear idea about its importance in our society.

Before going to discuss its importance, let’s have a clear idea of what is meant by vocational training?


Vocational training or education is all about technical education in a specific domain. This type of education has the primary focus of developing skills or making someone familiar with the practical work in their area of interest.

Vocational training or education leads to the verified eligibility of an individual by providing certificates or diplomas for their expertise in any field. Preparing them to handle the pressure of the heavily competitive industry by providing them good hands-on practice. Can be taken either in school or in college.


As everything has its equal importance in this universe. So, does the case with human beings. When it comes to differentiating between students, no one is useless but yes, they can have some categories. Like one can be very intelligent or you can say that he can cope up with the theory-based subjects as well as practical knowledge. But there is a greater number of students who are not comfortable with long theoretical chapters but they can perform exceptionally when it comes to practical problems.

Vocational training helps those who don’t want to learn those lengthy yet boring chapters and are confused. When it comes to deciding their career path.


It is very much important as not everyone has the resources and mindset for pursuing a university or college education. This will bring them a platform to make their selves master in the domain they are interested in. Therefore, Vocational Training has great benefits for an individual.

1.Opens door of employment for individual:

As vocational training gives hands-on practice in specific fields. So, this allows an individual to learn more and better about working. Necessary skills with practical experience will boost up the chance of employments for that person. Because companies also have benefits when they hire someone who has already practical work knowledge.

This will ultimately save their money and time which they had to use. If they hire someone with no practical knowledge. So, giving ample knowledge and more practical experience will benefit them in finding good jobs or they can start earning from homes as well.

2.Enforce the betterment in skills and expertise level:

While having the fundamental knowledge about the specific domain will help the individual to learn more in that particular area. Being admitted to college or undergraduate courses with no specific goal can lead you to a disaster. There are specific programs designed in universities where you can get admitted on behalf of your diploma or vocational training certificate.

Like in Pakistan vocational training certificate is also known DAE in many institutes like the polytechnical institute Rawalpindi, Swedish institute of technical sciences, and many more. Universities have higher-level degree programs for these students. So, that they can get enrolled in those programs and further enhance their skills and reach the expertise level.

3.Providing education that is inexpensive:

As per ground reality, college and university education is very expensive and there are many students who cannot this type of education. Vocational education/training provides a great benefit to this group of students.

Vocational education provides greater benefit to those who are good at manual or practical work. And they have no fear of getting bad grades. Professional degrees require intelligent minds which are sometimes totally focusing on the grades an individual is scoring in the academic career. This type of education with special scenarios also provide stipends to the students and give them a platform to excel in the field. This demands less amount of money to earn a quality education while providing a guarantee of what you will learn will benefit you immediately.

4.Opens door to self-employment:

Vocational education /training allows an individual to start working immediately. Right after having an ample amount of knowledge and experience in hand.

For example:

If a girl is acquiring skills in stitching, she can start working from home immediately by stitching the clothes of her relatives. This will not only generate revenue for her but also enhance her skills.

If a person is getting training for a makeover, he/she can start working immediately from home. By providing these services to their neighbors and friends. And when have an ample amount of money he/ she can open a beauty parlor or salon of their own.

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Advantages of Vocational Training

Education is equally beneficial for all. But when it comes to the group of people who do not afford expensive professional degrees. Vocational training gives them a greater opportunity to learn without investing much.

Some of the advantages it gives to the community and the whole nation are as follow:

  1. It will produce a skill full workforce of locals. Helps the nation to do their tasks on their own.
  2. Cut down the crime and unemployment rate at large scale. As the younger generation will be utilizing their skills in doing something effective and self-earning. It will do not divert their minds to negative activities.
  3. Those who are not able to acquire any kind of education can get stipends and learn great skills. So that they can financially get stable and help their selves in growing.
  4. Girls and women who want to do something but are not literate can learn some great skills. So, that they can help their families financially.
  5. If you are providing good technical education. This may attract foreign countries to take your skillful workforce for their tasks. Ultimately resulting in foreign investment in your country.


From the past few years, the Government of Pakistan has been paying special attention to the establishment of training institutes. And also special training programs for benefiting people both financially and at the skills development level.

Some of the great vocational training institutes in Pakistan are:

  1. Polytechnic institute.
  2. Swedish institute of technology.
  3. Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority (TEVTA)
  4. Punjab Vocational Training Council (PVTC)
  5. Punjab Skills Development Fund (PSDF).

Head over to the official website of Punjab Skills Development Fund to get information about courses and institutes.


Vocational training pays more attention to building skills and hands-on practice rather than theoretical inferences or knowledge. Making able to work according to the market requirements where practical knowledge is of great importance. This may help many people who are not willing to acquire a university education but love to gain practical experiences. Countries like Germany, America are paying more attention to vocational education/training. This can bring the local skillful workforce and saves a lot of money in the country. That was used previously to hire people from outside.

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