Why Education is important?

Why education is important

Being a 23-year-old student, thinking about why education Is important? I came to know about so many aspects that are equally affected by the education systems and level of education you are pouring in. Education is so vital for the survival of human beings in this competitive world of continuous evolution.

I remember the days when I started my basic schooling(Nursery)till the end of my college life. Each day was a new challenge for me, to learn something new, making myself to survive among so many talented students and many more. I never hated my school days, but my fellows do. Most of them were not willing to take long lectures from the teacher. Most of the students were having a stance that “Education we are gaining is just to get a good job and earn a healthy living nothing else”. Might be the opinion of immature teens or our common understanding is like that.

But have you ever thought that Why education is important? Is Education only a source of good jobs or healthy earnings? what a successful nation requires in this century? How it helps an individual to stand out?

Find out why is education important?

To me, Education is about gaining knowledge, knowledge about the world, what is happening around us. Education develops a perspective of looking in a broader sense in every matter of life. Helping us to develop our own stance and perspective about the events of life.

You may have experienced this many times that people believe that the only vital source of acquiring knowledge is education. They believe that it is the ultimate source and a steady process of acquiring knowledge. Yes, this is true, but the ground reality is that one cannot convert a piece of information. Into a knowledgable work without education.

Is Education only a source of good jobs or healthy earnings?

Always had a debate over this many people think that to acquire education the only basic reason behind is to get a good job and getting a good job. Education brings awareness of right or wrong, good or bad, helps you to not become a fool in someone’s hands. Yes, education is the source of healthy living for an individual but if you lack ethical and moral values, cannot configure the right or wrong deeds then you are not educated. You are just a literate.

Why education is important for an individual?

Education is not just about reading or writing, it’s about learning about life. It can provide an insight into an individual’s whole personality. Memorizing books/lessons, giving exams at schools/colleges is not about education. It is about learning lessons for life that can be utilized in practical life. And used for the betterment of an individual as well as others.

Reasons why it is important for an individual:


Education is independent of racism, whether you are black or white, you belong to a different religion or have different opinions, it helps you to stand out bright among many. It has no concern either you are a rich brat or from a poor family, the only thing that matters is how well you are in your domain. How much knowledge do you have? It brings equality between people.

One can acquire education according to their own choice and then use that for the better growth of their selves as well as the people related to them.


An uneducated person or a person having less knowledge about something may feel embarrassment while talking to others on certain topics or in gatherings. It brings confidence to an individual’s personality, with having knowledge of something one can deliver it confidently, speak in Infront of many people without hesitating.

Education important for building confidence.

One should step forward to learn and educate him/herself to gain the confidence of speaking, strong enough to put forward their opinion about something.


Educate yourself, it promises you to pay back as a safe and secure life. Life is better than you once lived. It not only gives an individual a better life but also people related to them also enjoy the luxuries they will have after getting educated. A sense of security always remains there if you are educated, you don’t have to worry about earning, the knowledge you have will lead you to a better lifestyle and job.

“Education is the movement from darkness to light.”

Allan Bloom

This helps to make good decisions in every aspect of life. Helping to mark the standard of living and livelihood . Enhance your thoughts and clear ones mind for the decisions they make. opening up the bad side and quickly paving the plan B for that problem.

What a successful nation requires in this century:

A nation without focusing education cannot survive in this and coming era. As the world is evolving and changing continuously, each nation should focus on the standards of education they are providing to their youth and the younger generation. Because what they learn today is what they implement tomorrow.

An educated nation has to fight only with external issues but being an uneducated nation, you have to face dual issues inside and outside the country. For a successful Nation, education is a key to growth, prosperity, and put their mark on others.

Our younger generation is so much active and intelligent, what they will learn today. They will make their mind according to that. Healthy educational activities will help them to grow well resulting in the growth of a country. A direct relation between the education of youth and prosperity of a country.

“Education is the foundation upon which we build our future.” 

Christine Gregoire

They will become good citizens, forming a great society, helping each other to grow just because of a good education.


Education is about gaining knowledge and knowledge is power. It will teach you how to deal with your life, differentiate between a good or a bad decision. Knowing about their rights, laws, and regulations, collaborating in forming a peaceful society to live, helping the country to prosper. it allows you to mark the limits for yourself, which then helps to fulfill your dreams. Making you stand out of the crowd, recognized and remembered without any discrimination. All based on the level of education you have. One should always learn new things, acquire new knowledge, get in touch with the current affairs going around the world. So that one can educate him/herself accordingly and find the best results for their betterment.

Hifza Khan is a content writer at Elearnpedia since April 2020. Her passion for helping people in all aspects of online education flows through in the expert blogs she provides. In addition to writing blogs, Hifza is also a software engineer currently pursuing her studies from IIU Islamabad, Pakistan.

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