Why computer skills are important for students of all age groups

Why computer skills are important for students of all age groups

In this modern era of life, everyone should have computer skills. Computer science (CS), Information technology (IT), and software engineering (SE) has taken the business world so high like a sky. Everyone should know how to use a computer regardless of age because computer skills can be used in any age of life for example Your company has assigned a task to you that involves like Word Office work. If you have some computer skills, you are able to perform this task otherwise you are at the downside.

When you go for an interview, they must ask you questions about computer skills regardless of the type of job. If you have some good computer skills,  you can get a job easily. Children should also know the basic skills of computers e.g. how to play a game on the computer, how to do a video call to their relatives, or how to paint. The reason for writing this blog is to motivate you guys to learn some basic computer skills. It’s never too late to seek just take a pen and paper and start taking online courses in computer skills.

What is a Computer?

Basically, a computer is an electronic device that is able to perform thousands of calculations in nanoseconds. Computers have made our life so easy that we are now able to communicate with the person that is in another country. We can perform all types of calculations on the computer. A computer can store, analyze, calculate, manipulate the data and information in order to perform different tasks. The biggest advantage of using a computer in less time. It has the capability to perform a task within seconds. We can create, remove, add, copy different files in seconds.

Uses of Computer

  1. The computer is used for solving bigger calculations in nanoseconds.
  2. We can pay our bills for electricity, gas, and water supply through computers online.
  3. Through computers, we can communicate with our relatives, family, and friends that are far away from us in other countries.
  4. We can do our homework assignments and presentations on the computer.
  5. For music lovers, they can play different soundtracks on the computer to enjoy.
  6. Students can learn many online courses through computer online.
  7. A computer can be used to play games online.
  8. We can do photo and video editing through a computer.
  9. Computers can be used widely for marketing in both business and commercial areas.
  10. The government uses many computer systems for planning and tracking rules.

What is meant by Computer Skills or Literacy?

Computer literacy means that how many people have the knowledge to use the computer efficiently. In Asian countries, the literacy rate is less than in European countries. Employees and students must have the ability to solve different problems of life by using a computer. If you are working at a school then you must have to store information about every student, teacher, and administrative staff. It’s very difficult to store in manually so all the schools use database concepts to store information. Now data can be easily managed and maintained. We need the whole staff of 10 people to store data on registers manually but on the other side by using the database we only need one person to deal with it.

Why Computer Skills Are Necessary For Students?

Computer skills are very useful and necessary for students in order to get good grades they can research online about topics, they can use different tools to do homework. If a student has missed a lecture then he can take learn and take lectures on that particular topic through the internet. Students can calculate their GPA and percentages accurately by using a computer. Students that are far away from school they can take their lecture online through Google Classroom and Google Meet App. So computer skills are in demand of today’s modern world.

Mostly parents think that computer is all about playing games and entertainment but there is much more to do on the computer.

Importance of Computer Skills

Skills play a vital role in your life. When we face a problem first we will think about how we can solve this problem. Problem-solving ability is necessary for every phase of life. For example, the company boss has given you a task to make a logo for the company and you don’t know how to make it. First, you will collect information that how a logo can be made. You will download Adobe illustrator or other software to make that particular logo. After downloading you will watch YouTube videos to seek the logo making process and after practicing the logo within three or four days you will be able to make that particular logo.

Now, in the end, you got a new skill of logo making. Never think you cannot do this work. Think about how to do this work and I promise this will be going to help you for sure. With skills, you can never be empty-handed. Your skill level will tell you about education and passion. Now I am going to tell you about some basic computer skills that everybody should know.

Writing and Sending Mails

The first basic computer skill is writing and sending emails. Everyone should know how to write and send mails through the computer. You can send mails along with documents and pictures to your teachers, offices, and friends. For sending mails first you must have an email account. You can simply write an email by clicking on the compose box. Firstly you have to write the mail address of the receiver. After that write your subject and purpose of the mail. After that, you can add different files and documents along with your mail by inserting it from computer storage. At last click on the send button. Sending and writing mails are very important computer skills.

Microsoft Office

You should how to use Microsoft Office it includes Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and PowerPoint. The usage of these three tools is very important for students and employees. Microsoft Word is used for making assignments and documents for university, college  and offices. It is a very easy to use. It automatically corrects your spelling and grammer  mistakes.

Microsoft Excel is used for spreadsheets data entry. When we worked with digits and numbers we use Microsoft Excel. We can also apply any formulas in excel to get our desired outcome. We can find reminders, percentage grades, etc. Most of the schools and universities use Microsoft Excel for taking attendance. Microsoft PowerPoint is used for making presentations. It provides us different layout themes to set on presentation. We can add pictures, videos, and gifs for more attractive presentations. I will suggest you all seek and start working on these tools because this skill is required in the future for jobs.


Typing is another important skill in computers. Every person should know how to type on a computer for writing and making assignments etc. You can check your typing speed by using Typing Master software. The practice is the key in the typing the more you type the more the speed. With this skill, you can get a job of typewriters easily. For better speed, you can also remember the alphabets arrangements of the keyboard so when you type an alphabet you already know the location of it.

How documents can be downloaded in computer

This is a very basic computer skill that everyone should know and seek. For this, you must have already downloaded Google Chrome or Internet Explorer so you can download the particular document. Type the document name on Google Chrome open the tab. Then right-click to choose the option of download and then you will see your document will be downloaded soon.

How Computer skills help in Communication

The computer has overcome the communication barrier from the world. Anytime anywhere we can contact our loved ones with the internet. When a computer has the internet you are able to do a video call to your friends, siblings, and relatives anytime. The distance among the people is reduced by the internet and computer.

To know about which online courses can help you acquiring skills ,click here to read about it.

Final Words

In this whole blog, I explained that having some basic computer skills can make your life easier. We can perform our many daily life problems by using a computer. I will suggest you all seek these common computer skills this will help you to get a job. After these Basic skills, you can move towards graphic designing and web designing these two are highly popular in the business world. Daily practice will make you more and more skillful.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog. For any suggestions and recommendations feel free to comment. Thank you stay blessed.

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