Top 10 Urdu novels you will fall in love with

top 10 urdu novels you will fall in love with

Novels are all-time famous among every age group of people. Every other person has a different taste and they prefer different languages for book reading. The Urdu language has such capability that it attracts the reader towards itself. Urdu novels are very famous. a large number of people are fond of reading these novels. In this article, I am going to share my own experience. “10 top best Urdu novels you will fall in love with” If you are fond of English novels .i can bet you will enjoy reading these Urdu novels as well.

Being a book lover, throughout my academic career I love to read Urdu novels. This hobby got into me so much, that once I start a novel of my choice, I will finish it by that day. Read so many books and novels of both English and Urdu. But what I fell while reading Urdu novels is beyond explanation.

Going to share my favorites and the best novels till now. Some of them are masterpieces and are famous worldwide for their amazing content.


The Urdu language has so many famous and versatile writers. These not only have generated masterpieces but also maintained their legacy of being too good and creative. Some of the famous writers for Urdu novels are:

  1. Umera Ahmed
  2. Bano Qudsia
  3. Farhat Ishtiaq
  4. Hajra Masroor
  5. Ashfaq Ahmed
  6. Nimra Ahmed

All are renowned personalities, famous for their style of writing and incredible publications. Some of the emerging writers are also getting popular and their content is also setting a new trademark. Ana Ilyas has done a wonderful job in this regard and her novels are way too good. Those who are interested in romantic and army-based novels with a good thought-provoking story. Must read her novels.

Top 10 Urdu Novels

The Urdu language holds a great collection of wonderful creations by so many writers. Highly praised and are famous worldwide.


The most dazzling novel is the composition of Umaira Ahmad and it’s concerning everlasting love of Supreme Being Allah, which comes from the love and affiliation with Holy Prophet Muhammad(S.A.W). This everlasting love fully modifies an individual’s life. It gives non-secular development and closes up in interminable fulfillment and victory. The foremost characters of the masterpiece got ensnared during this love. Leaving the reader throughout captured in suspense.

I will recommend that must go through this marvelous novel and procure yourself with enhanced nonsecular considerations. Novel capturing Salaar Sikander and Imama Hashim. The two main characters, the novel remain suspicious till the end and while reading one might perceive according to their understanding. Everyone will find it way too much away from their suppositions and a lot of surprises. I love this novel so much and read it many times.


It is the most extra-normal, scholarly, and innovatively composed story by Nimra Ahmed. MUSHAF Arabic literal for Holy Quran A story that is, containing Quranic verses or few sections with delightful significance and profound Tafseer. Truly it is associated with every one of these viewpoints. With such excellence and keenness that one may have never thought of the Quran in that way. She superbly sent the ups and downs of life and magnificently connected verses of al-Qur’an with the happenings in Mehmal’s life. It showed that however, al-Qur’an could be a miracle. It denies the point that the general public says, that it contains stories of old people. It’s a reminder for the folks of the current age and can leave a great influence on our minds.

In each incident of this novel, there could be a hidden message. depicting that Allah has sent us a solution to every problem of our life.


Namal plot is an advanced matrix and summarizing it will do injustice to this masterpiece. This novel has depicted a wonderful concept, scenes, and sets in one story. Namal an Associate in Nursing, an intense story involving brutal murders and devious deceptions. Faris Ghazi (an intelligence officer) is guilty of the murder of his step-brother and spouse. And tried murder of his relative Zumar Yousuf. His kinsman Saadi Yousuf is convinced of his innocence and ultimately gets him out of the jail.

A basic theme of this novel is that the conspiracies woven and also the misunderstandings they produce. All the Characters of the Novel are very genius/ evil genius Haneen. The sweet and caring Saadi, the brute however honest Faris Ghaz. The sharp however stubborn Zumar, the crafty Hashim, or the covetous Naushervan. Each character is fastidiously engraved and has depth in it. They are not narrated not in complete black or white but the characters are given equal exposure in the novel.


The main theme of this novel may well be explained in terms of the most characters Haya and Cehan. One facet of the story revolves around the topic of “Hijaab “and however. One verse of Book may amendment her life forever. The transformation of a contemporary woman (Haya) to a Hijaabi girl was the essence of this novel. The opposite facet of the story depicts the life of a spy guy Cehan(Jahan Skiander). And his duty’s severe and harsh demands.


The Novel chiefly talks concerning love and religion and the way these two factors contribute powerfully to a person’s life. Hammad’s means of smitten folks and preaching Islam shows that he’s a person of excellent character. Who keeps the best needs for everybody. His calmness and ease win the hearts of all who’ve been with him and who apprehend him. Thus, Nadeem’s expression throughout this novel can teach us that however love, and faith is vital in one’s life. But these two attributes outline someone’s morality.

Raja Gidh

An outstanding and classical novel written by Bano Qudsia. This novel not only describes the long-term effects of “Rizq-e-Haraam” on the lives of people. But also helps in revealing a number of reasons for discontented and ruinous life.

The characters in Raja Gidh are basically us. The author compares the ‘human nature’ with ‘Gidh’ (scavenger). And tries to win over the reader that humans are rather like Gidhs. A Gidh eats the meat of solely animal. Therefore humans, who continually wish to take blessings of weak / disturb and showing emotion dead folks. In attempting to achieve what’s on the far side of his/her destination. He typically opts for the wrong path that leads him to earn Rizq-e-haraam. 

The author comprehensively explains the adverse effects of Rizq-e-haraam on the human’s genes building method. It may lead to psychopathy and abnormality. That is then genetically transferred to the next generations.

The second purpose that is powerfully highlighted tho’ out the novel is that the construct of “Ishq–e-Lahasil” (love with no destination). Love for verboten wishes continually leads an individual to earn rizq-e-haraam that successively destroys one’s life. And at the top, the person is left alone with nothing except his displeased life. 

This novel powerfully reflects on the negatives points of our society these days. If solely we are able to understand the construct and adverse effects of Rizq-e- haram. And learn to powerfully believe in Allah and also the fate determined by him. We have a tendency to prosper as a decent Muslim and an ideal member of society.


A beautiful novel by Umera Ahmed. She has expressed over and over that this is her one of the most favorite books. Because it turns out to be a tragedy and moves one to tears. The story revolves around an orphan girl Romesa. She has stunning beauty and terrific nature.

The novel is basically focusing on the various challenges a lady faces alone. She also described how the elite/rich class think about the lower class people and their maltreatment.


A number of drama serials exist which are based on novels. A masterpiece of Farhat Ishtiaq. Later on, converted into a drama. Has an equally large number of fan following over the world. And also has the credit of reviving the Pakistani drama industry.

The story has flashbacks, the first part is based on the flashback events of Ashar. And the second part includes flashbacks of khard. I will suggest reading a novel instead of watching the drama.


Alif, written by Umera Ahmed. This is her latest novel which also got On-Air on Geo Tv. People loved this Drama serial very much. The story revolves around a hardworking and dedicated filmmaker. Momin being the main character. Who is confused between his spiritual and the glamourous life? The novel depicts the family love and values, spirituality of a darvesh.

This novel leaves great impact on one’s life .


Shamsa Iqbal’s “Chalo ab sath chalty hain” is my personal favorite. It has a very emotional story, you may get tears but it also leaves a great lesson. Friendship, love, sacrifice and brotherhood are depicted. All the characters are engaged with each other and represent a great army background, love for the nation.

Those who are looking for an army based novel with great content and story. Must give it a read.Hope you will enjoy every bit of it.


Urdu literature is full of versatility and interesting stories. These well written fictitious and real-life stories converted into famous Urdu novels. I would suggest that read Umera Ahmed novels. She has incredible stories depicting real-life issues and scenarios. Urdu novels are always attention gainer’s for me, and I am so much connected to them. Although it was a tough job to list down the best 10 out of all. Looking forward to your response, hope you will enjoy reading all of them.

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