Teaching as a Hobby and as a Profession

Teaching as a hobby and as a profession

Teachers are the ones who are responsible for building a nation’s and an individual’s future bright. But what people think of teaching is basically a big question. Since the evolution of mankind, teaching exists but still a domain which is always confused. “Teaching as a hobby and as a profession” undergoes long debates, with different opinions. Let’s discuss this and hope so it will be worth reading for you.

What Teaching means

Teaching is always linked to the education, basic concentration on sharing knowledge and experience designed in some specific format, delivering knowledge to someone about the world they are unaware of. The one who teaches is known as “teacher”.With the toughest job of interacting with the most complex creature of nature.

 People have different perceptions about this domain and considered to be the easiest task one can do. People are advised to become a teacher if they are not able to perform any other task. Ultimately resulting in so many problems.

But before going to look down into teaching as a profession or hobby first look down what both terms mean.


The profession is what you call a job, someone works for a specific domain with having skills or training for that. They get paid for that meaning that profession is a source of earning or living as well. Most of the people like you me and others study hard to get the desired job. Like: Engineering, Doctor, lawyer, scientist, etc.


An activity that is done regularly for one’s own satisfaction or enjoyment.it is accomplished during leisure time and usually not pursued as a profession. Just like painting, book reading, singing, gaming, etc.

Teaching as a Hobby and as a Profession

With all the research and observation, I came to know that one can pursue teaching as a profession and as well a hobby. But one who is opting for teaching as a profession should take training and proper education for this. Because this is not like other professions (Like an engineer makes the machines to work properly).teachers interact with the most complex creature on earth. They had to teach them about the world they are unaware of .so, if they cannot guide them properly consequences will be worst.

While teaching as a hobby will benefit an individual in his/her life. I believe that when a person does something that he loves to do, will do it more efficiently and with a lot of hard work. And sometimes your hobbies lead you to pursue that domain as a profession, the same goes for the teaching. It can be pursued as a career if you already love teaching and it is your hobby.

Teaching as a Profession

Teaching is about inspiring, motivating an individual to lead their lives in the way they want to. To make them aware of their potentials, their weakness. People have their ideas or favorites, during childhood or college time most of us have our favorite teachers. And all have certain reasons for being our favorite. Great teachers are devoted to teaching, spending their whole lives in inspiring students and making them great human beings.

Teaching as a career should be opted when you know the role of a teacher and have the ability to learn new skills that help to nurture young minds.


The key role of a teacher is to make learning easy and interesting for students. Just delivering a lecture is not a big deal or worth satisfying. But to make that lecture understandable for students of all levels is the main point. A teacher must have the subject knowledge, creative skills of teaching, and an ideal personality to follow. Studies proved that students admire those teachers who can deliver the content in creative ways.

For the qualities of good teacher .Visit this link


Teaching demands full knowledge of the subject. For this one should get the required qualification and skills/training. they should have a clear idea of:

  1. Which grade or level of students they are capable of teaching? Of course, everyone has a different level of tolerance and delivery,they should decide accordingly.
  2. Make sure you have enough subject knowledge, enough passion for teaching, and creating new opportunities for students.
  3. Passion!!! The most important thing. This will lead you to the heights if you pursue teaching as a profession.

In, short teaching is a very noble profession and can be pursued as a career but after4 getting proper training and knowledge. Because they are entering a field where they would be responsible for a nation’s future and individual’s life as well. Right teaching can lead an individual to a successful life whereas wrong teachings can spoil someone’s life.

Teaching as Hobby

It is the time when the world must realize that it is not something easy or the one who is teaching can not do anything else. Like if I am teaching than it doesn’t mean that I cannot become an engineer or lawyer or any other profession.

They teach because they love to do so. It’s their passion for their hobby that has become so much part of their life that they opted for it as a career. To me, teaching as a hobby is more enjoyable fascinating then as a plain profession. I came across so many people during my college/university life, they were always available for answering questions to their fellows. Always deliver the point in such a creative way with examples that it becomes easy for them to understand.

The real struggle is when you must deliver your point to persons with an entirely different mindset. Nature knows that teaching is a God gifted talent, a hardship, and a challenge. Not everyone can become a teacher and those who are teachers, among them, great teachers are those who have it as their hobby.

They try to find new ways of teaching, love to spend money on accessories and materials that help in teaching. This hobby will lead them to effective learning, help in retaining knowledge, and remain in contact with the world of knowledge.


Teaching is a noble profession. One can choose it as a profession but if it’s already a hobby and then leads it to a profession. This will leave a great impact on students. As a profession with passion leads to great teachers of all times. A person with passion will teach by heart and will put all his efforts to make the classroom environment friendly and equally beneficial for every student.

How they change a student’s life? .Watch this video, by clicking here or on video. hope you will enjoy this!!!

Hifza Khan is a content writer at Elearnpedia since April 2020. Her passion for helping people in all aspects of online education flows through in the expert blogs she provides. In addition to writing blogs, Hifza is also a software engineer currently pursuing her studies from IIU Islamabad, Pakistan.

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