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What is Post Secondary Education?

Introduction: Education is the most important factor for every student’s growth and career. We all know that after completion of high school, everyone wants to choose a field that is of their interest and they can get skills according to that. This is the reason why is post-secondary education important. To highlight it’s the importance […]


With the evolution of technology, everyone is all dependent on technology gadgets. Staying in beds or on the sofa all the time surrounding with laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc. Physical Education is fading away and people are more focusing on the use of gadgets for their leisure time. Parents are busy in earning a livelihood for […]

Education Portal: Learning Made Easy

Education Portal: Learning Made Easy Education begins with effort. An effort is always needed to be seen as involving choice, rooted in beliefs, and influenced by feedback. The interest of a student must be understood as a cognitive and affective relationship between him, his subjects, and his teachers as well. Much is taught by formal […]

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