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The design and decoration of the classroom directly related to the behavior and performance of a student. A decorated class has a leading role in establishing a well-studied environment for the student.

So while setting up the classrooms, the essential thing that needs to be focused on is its decoration. Various research has clearly shown us that the student studying in a decorated classes room has better progress than the student studying in an ordinary form of the classroom. A well-decorated class provides a positive feel to the students. But it is also a way to fetch the students’ attention towards the learning environment. A well-decorated classroom plays a vital role in maintaining the learning environment for students of all ages. Students in the university, playgroup, and especially abled students (students with mental, intellectual and sensory disabilities).

Montessori method of classrooms

Children spend many hours at school, so it stands to reason that it has to be a place where they feel comfortable and motivated to face new challenges, discover, and learn every day. A place where they move freely to achieve their goals and, in this sense, decoration plays a vital role. There are many studies that, precisely, decoration depends on the students’ success in the classrooms. The environment in which the child moves must be designed so that the child develops his social, emotional, and intellectual skills.

The basic principles of classroom decoration according to the Montessori method are,

  • They are bright and warm spaces
  • Include plants, art, music, and books
  • No traditional-style desks, but workspaces
  • Natural and direct light. In this way, the students feel safe and comfortable.
  • The colors are bright and cheerful, giving plenty of view to the room
  • The decorative elements must be as natural as possible and educational.
  • Work areas, designed for this purpose, so that children can experiment without fear.
  • Blackboards and mirrors at the height of children, always to observe and continue to learn.
class decoration
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As I said, decorated classrooms encourage the child to make their own decisions. It is not about putting wheels on chairs and tables, but about the freedom to move.

Children are not wild animals

“Children are not wild animals that need rigid rules. You once explained that they have different portions for solo reading, discussion, group work, and listening to the teacher’s lessons. They understand it perfectly”.

By “decoration” we should not only understand the inclusion of drawings or paintings on the walls. But there are many things that need to be considered while decorating the classrooms. But there are four basic and the most important ones:

1) The furniture arrangement.

2) The design of the class room’s furniture.

3) A portion of activities in the classroom.

4) The portion of literature in the classroom.

The furniture arrangement

It has discovered that the furniture arrangement should be so that there must be a cluster of 3 to 4 desks. This kind of desk arrangement allows the student to interact with one another; students can also pay attention to their tasks and the class teacher.

The chair and the table of the teacher must be arranged in the corner of the classroom. It is useful because, in this way, a teacher will not be able to instruct his/her desk. Must move around the school so that students avoid being distracted by something, pay their full attention to the teacher. This sitting arrangement creates the most focused classroom environment. And students get the chance to share their queries, thoughts, and ideas with their fellows and the teacher.

The black/while board must be in the centre of the front wall to quickly note down. Whatever is written on the board by their teacher.

The design of furniture

  • The design and the color of the furniture must be according to the theme of the classroom.
  • The chair/desk must be comfortable for prolonged sitting purposes.
  • The table should be broad, so the students can easily place their stationery, notebook, and other learning stuff.
  • The edges and corners of desks must be smooth to maintain the safety of students.
  • The black/whiteboard should be full and free from scratches.

A portion of activity in the classroom

There should be a portion of educational business, a portion where all the things follow its theme. The part where students are allowed to explore their interests. By studying their exciting things, they increase their mental abilities. This portion can be the portion of art, science, craft, and music.

A portion of literature in the classroom

The literature portion is where students get to read different books, enhance their vocabulary, and reading habit. Students can explore a lot of knowledge by reading a single book. This portion is simple, contains bookshelves, and provides students with a peaceful reading or literature review environment.

Class decoration for specially-abled children

The design and the honour of the classroom has a severe impact on specially-abled children and their learning abilities. Because of their deficiencies and neurological differences. Their ability to focus on their learning tasks or the teacher’s instructions is profoundly affected. By anaesthetics conditions like sensory stimulation lighting and colours. Government Should Focus More On Special Educations

For these children, colour has a direct relation with their learning abilities, so while decorating their classrooms. Natural colours are recommended, but in muted shades, e.g., yellow, blue, green. To enhance their learning skill, the class decoration should be the same. As in the home where they feel the highest comfort level. There should not be any dark and robust pattern on the classroom walls. Because it increases the adverse sensory effects on a hypersensitive student. The classroom walls should be decorated with soft coloured drawings and simple charts to keep these children calm and comfy.

Is it necessary to decorate the classroom for the students at the university level?

Aesthetics of the environment collaborate in our spirit. Who could say that working in a beautiful? An airy and well-lit office is the same as working in a basement with mould-filled walls? In the same sense, is it the same to study in a classroom with all its empty walls. As in an environment designed to be pleasant? There is no doubt: The decorative climate has a significant influence on our attitudes and predisposition.

“Finally, it is worth mentioning that, although these types of classrooms may seem expensive in terms of their accommodation, the truth is that. As the designer herself states, low-cost designs can be made. Based on a budget of the college and will also be effective.”

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