How to Memorize things faster?

how to memorize things faster

Tired of making schedules, applying memory building techniques? Always looking for tips on how to memorize things faster? Then put your worries into the pocket because you found the right link to solve all the problems related to memorization. Here are some tips for you which you can implement to memorize things faster.

But before sharing all tips/methods with you ,I just want to clear one thing that is a misconception about memory.

Memory, A skill

Let me relate this thing to myself, when I was a child hardly 4 years, a nursery student, to be honest, I don’t like doing my homework. I don’t want to read books because I don’t like them at that time, Although I was not bad at studies, the memorization process was slow for me. Seeing all this scenario everyone started saying my father, she has a shorter brain as compared to your elder son…Like seriously(I still laugh when my parents tell me this as a joke).Coming to point, if I was a child with a shorter brain then how I have completed my studies so well, having an excellent academic and nonacademic record, passed every exam with flying colors. Because I was not having a short brain, I was just lacking memory skills at that time.

Lacking Memory skills? Yes, because memory is just a skill which can be learned and improved day by day, and as you know practice makes a man perfect. So is with the memorizing things faster. All you need is to know the right direction and tips to improve it.

If you have a car, but don’t know how to drive it? Do you sell that car or start learning driving? If I am in your place, I will prefer to learn driving, because selling that car is just a foolish act. Memory is just like that car if you don’t want to know how to use it in the best way, then start learning how to memorize things faster?

 If you’ve never learned best-practice memorization techniques, why should you expect to remember anything fast and effectively?

Activating your Brain

Before knowing how to memorize things faster, firstly make your machine active. Your brain is your machine, if you want to get the best out of it, it must be fully active and working.

Just like “Working laptop is a necessity for a software engineer, to produce what he wants”.

1. Exercise exhales out Brain tiredness:

Exercise makes your body active and healthy ,making you able to memorize things faster. If you got stuck in math problem or any other question. Stand up, do a short 15 min session of normal routine exercise and exhales out all the brain tiredness. Back to work and you will notice that your problem got solved easily.

2. Get Enough sleep:

Sleep well, as it helps your brain to perform its work accurately. Enough sleep makes your mind cells active and fresh and you can now learn anything quickly.

When I was in college and every time when  I get sleepy /dizzy i can’t learn my lessons, feeling like everything is flying  over my head. And until I got my sleep portion complete ,I didn’t take anything to learn.

3. Green Tea:

Surprisingly ,but yes it helps a lot to activate your neurons and helps in cognition ,brain memory and opens the rusted doors of your brain ,through which you can enter your incredible memory. So, drink relax, and enjoy the  memorization party!

Your brain is now all up and active lets workout the best memorization techniques, I follow these so I can assure that it works.

Tips for how to memorize Things faster

The very first thing you need is to know yourself. Yes, yourself! Everyone knows well that how can I learn better, which environment is needed to memorize things quickly, what type of material should I go through. So first ask yourself what you want and then jump into the stuff.

1. Set an Environment:

Prepare well before getting started with the memorization journey. Why I am emphasizing this? Because most of the time I have observed in my friends circle that people are following a learning method or having a learning environment with which they have zero compatibility.

Make yourself clear that either you are compatible with audio, video/or reading method of learning. Decide either you need complete silence, you can easily learn alone, or you can memorize things better with a company of good friends.

Preparation is very important! I repeat very important otherwise you are just wasting your efforts, time and energy.

2. Say it Loud:

For me, this one is the best tip from my childhood till my graduation and I hope it continues with me. It works for me even for my friends as well. By saying it loud you are repeating the same thing and checking that whether you have learned what you were reading or not. While saying loudly your brain makes conscious and unconscious links that help you to memorize things faster. It’s just like teaching your self that this is important, and you must remember this.

3. Write it down:

Done with 3-4 repetitions of memorizing a topic, write it down without seeing. After writing it down, be like an examiner to identify what you have missed. It’s about retrieving from memory and this method will help you to memorize things faster and for a long time.

For me, if I write down something that I am memorizing is like a stamped paper, legally into the brain and it lasts for long. So, write what you memorize.

4. Use Mnemonics:

Mnemonics are like a life savior for me in my theoretical exams with freaking long theoretical answers containing several headings. I always jot them down into some funny Mnemonics and they are purely our made for our type of understanding.

Most of you have been interacted with the periodic table in chemistry, to remember the names of the elements.

Pakistani Mnemonics are very famous for this, if you know Urdu /Hindi you would enjoy reading this.

For example, Hydrogen, Lithium, Sodium, Potassium, Rubidium, Cesium, Francium.


Hali na ki rab sy faryad

For Boron family:



Baingan, Aaloo, Gajjar In thaila

One of the common mnemonics shared around the glob is about memorizing the trigonometric functions.

Some People Have- Curly Brown Hair -Through Proper Brushing

Sinѳ  = perpendicular/hypotenuse

Cosѳ =Base/hypotenuse

Tanѳ =Perpendicular/base

So, make short, cute, and funny mnemonics of long and difficult headings. Enjoyment with memorizing things faster

5. Teach Others:

If you want to memorize things for the long term you must recall them after a certain time period, Best practice is to teach others what you have learned. By doing so you are recalling what you have learned and repeating the same material, again and again, makes a strong room in your brain and sets down their camp to stay there long.

Just like if you water a tree daily it will grow his roots firm and strong in your place and will benefit you for long.

Teaching does the same job in the memorization process and it will benefit you and others as well.

6. Memorize in chunks:

It is hard to memorize long paragraphs, numbers at once, even our brain won’t accept that data overflowing. So, make small chunks, divide long paragraphs into small subparagraphs. After memorizing one sub-para, join another part with it, then another and chain continues until you have completed your whole paragraph. This technique will make memorizing a large lengthy paragraph so simple and easy.

Just memorize a piece of content properly, then join with another piece, memorize both, and so on. It’s all about Record-Store-Retrieve.

7. Associate What you memorize:

Make connections with things in your surroundings, bring out examples related to what you are trying to memorize, this will help you to learn faster and quickly. My observations say that whenever I relate something with the content, I am trying to memorize I learned that quickly and on recalling or telling anyone else I always quote that as an example. This helps others to learn faster as well.

Final Words

How to memorize things faster is just about making yourself smart enough to use best out of your memory. Every one of you is capable enough to learn fast and quick. All you need is to polish your memorization skill and make the learning process a happy and enjoyable moment for you, not a boring tough phase. If you learn things in a joyful environment, you will get better results as compared to the tensed and boring environment.

I hope this will help you a lot. Watch this amazing video for more brain hacks to boost up your memory.

If this article is helpful for you leave your comments. Hope you enjoyed it!

Hifza Khan is a content writer at Elearnpedia since April 2020. Her passion for helping people in all aspects of online education flows through in the expert blogs she provides. In addition to writing blogs, Hifza is also a software engineer currently pursuing her studies from IIU Islamabad, Pakistan.

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