How to improve your reading skills?

reading skill

Improve reading skills

“Reading is to mind what exercise is to the body” Joseph Addison. Excellent reading skills improve your overall language skills. It improves your grammar, vocabulary, and imagination. It is one of the necessary skills that we’re taught in school, yet not all of us are fans of it and often get bored. Are you one of those people who have a desire to read but can not focus? Or maybe you’re in University, and you’re taking a very tough course which is challenging to read and comprehend. Do you feel like it’s taking forever to finish one chapter?  There’s nothing to worry about; it happens to many of us.

How to be a better reader? 

Better reading requires better understanding. And better understanding comes with better decoding of words. Try the following methods to become a better reader and to improve your skills.

Set Your Time

Set a reading time for yourself. Grab your favourite coffee, turn on music, or find a quiet corner and start reading. During this time, put your phone on silent and remove all the distractions present in your surroundings. Just focus on learning.

Read What You Like

To develop an interest in this skill, read topics which you want and find appealing. It could be related to sports, fashion, science, technology, novel, or written version of your favourite movie. This will help you develop the habit of reading.

Bundle Words

Reading a paragraph word by word might not make sense sometimes and may be difficult to understand. Try to make word bundles instead of reading word by word. When you read the whole sentence or paragraph, you’ll be able to understand the key concept easily.

Set Your Goal

Set a daily goal for yourself. When you have a daily goal, you’ll feel motivated, and your mind will encourage you to achieve that goal. This trick will help you to stay focused and will keep you motivated while reading.

Portion Reading

Divide your daily reading task into small portions and read it portion-wise. Long and extensive chapters are hard to digest in one go. When you divide them into portions  It will help in better understanding, and you won’t get bored.

Reading skill
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Comprehension of what you are reading is significant. If you are not comprehending what you have read, then there’s no point in doing it. Highlight main points, Write down the main idea and paraphrase it in your own words. Emphasise on vocabulary, and try to decode words to develop a better understanding.

Interact And Visualise

While reading a story or article interact with the text. Focus on what the author is trying to tell you, imagine the scenarios that he has explained in his writing. This will not only make the topic interesting for you, but, it’ll also help you recall what you have read earlier.

Use Pointers

Let your hand be your guide; use a pen while reading. Put your hand or pen on the text that you’re reading and move it with moderate speed. Pointers help you focus better and keep you away from distractors.

Take Small Breaks

Taking small breaks during reading sessions improves concentration and helps you stay focused for a more extended period of time. Moreover, it gives time to you to correlate new information with prior knowledge. During these breaks, you can do various activities such as meditation, use your phone, take a walk or get some coffee, or do stretching. 

Readout Loud

Reading aloud increases not only comprehension but also improves listening skills and fluency.  In addition to that, it keeps you active, sharpens your focus, boosts your vocabulary, and it is a fun exercise to do.


We are blessed with two powerful senses, Visual and auditory. These two senses play a significant role in incomprehension. According to research, reading and listening comprehensions are highly correlated. So, listening to the same text that you’re reading makes it easier to understand. Many applications (e.g. audible ) are available in the market which have the whole collection of free audiobooks. Download your favourite book now, and give it a read.

This skill involves comprehension, fluency and useful vocabulary. Excellent reading skills demand consistency and daily practice. It’s a step by step process. Tricks and tips that we have shared with you will definitely help you reach your ultimate goal.

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