How google apps for education can benefit teachers and students

google apps for education

In today’s blog, I am going to tell you guys about how Google Apps for education can benefit teachers and students. In this modern world, technology has made our life so easy by just clicking we can get our desired thing. Google company has offered many different services to students and teachers such as online class modules, emails, online attendance systems, automatic result generator sites, etc.

By using these different types of technologies we can save our time and money. Google is providing these services for free just download it and start using it with the internet.
Online communication is the most effective type of communication to deal with parents, teachers, and students. Technology has set many changes in schooling systems, through different Google apps Teachers can communicate better with parents on regular basis.

Why google apps for education should be encouraged?

For example, Mostly Schools arrange PTM (Parent-Teacher Meeting)  to generate a link between teachers and parents once in a year but thorough Google Apps teachers can give daily reports to parents and can tell them better regarding child’s performance in class.
The overburden of paper checking and marking is overcome by Google apps such as Google Classroom you can easily check student papers, quizzes and you can also mark them in files as well.

I recently referenced that Google Apps are inconceivably viable with everybody’s innovation. This implies, regardless of what sort of PC, tablet, or cell phone you’re utilizing, you’re presumably not going to experience any difficulty getting to Google Apps. At the point when you have a study hall of 20 understudies, this is truly significant. However long your understudies approach a web proficient gadget, they ought to have the option to utilize these administrations similarly just as any other individual.

In spite of the fact that the single-source nature of Google Apps has its focal points, it likewise speaks to a shortcoming in the framework. In the event that Google endures a worker blackout, or an outsider figure out how to bargain the administration in any capacity, it can influence the entirety of your archives and business data. Similarly, the administration is dependent on the help of Google as an organization, and should anything happen to the business it could influence your capacity to get to significant information.

Now i am going to tell you about some main advantages of using Google Apps for teachers and students both :

Advantages of Using Google Apps

1) All Google apps are free. Your no money will be waste on purchasing apps all you need is to have a good internet connection.
2) Google Apps is totally a paperless work. No more registers and diaries are required to submit homework. No wastage of money on papers.
3) one of the best advantages of Google apps is that they do not require any software installation process.
4) Google Apps are integrated with each other so we can perform multi-tasking tasks on any app.
5) All Google apps are very simple and easy to use.
6) Google Apps can be used in anywhere.No time and place restrictions on the usage of apps.
7) No technical or software knowledge is necessary for using apps.

No Lost Assignments and Quizzes

The common problem that teachers and students mostly face in university, collages that they students have misplaced their assignments so all they can do after that to attempt the assignment again.  Teachers  also can forgets or misplace the checked assignments. By using Google Apps no assignments are misplaced and lost because all the data is uploaded in Clouds.
Google apps have  provides us the solution for misplace assignments and quizzes. Teacher can easily find assignments in clouds data through Google drive.

For example, Harry has submitted an assignment manually to his teacher. Now after checking the teacher had misplaced the assignment. Now due to this maybe Harry has to submit the assignment again. Or the teacher will mark his assignment score as Zero (0). So from happening all this we can do say students to submit the assignment online. By using Google apps such as Google Classroom. These small shiftings from manual works to google apps for education will bring a lot of ease. And a maintainable environment for both teachers and students.

Collaboration Goals for Students and Teachers

By using Google Apps for education students and teachers both can collaborate with each other at a big level. Students can make a group for topic discussion or they can also have a session on Google Classroom. They can research more about topics through Google so they can have a better understanding of the lecture. Teachers can also arrange sessions for students’ guidance and suggestions. Teachers can teach students in two ways
1) Teacher can record a video of the whole lecture then he or she can upload at Google Classroom. So, every student can do listen and note the lecture.
2) The second way is to deliver a lecture by going live on Google Meet session. For a time there must be some time restrictions as well.

The simplicity of Google Apps

People are using Google Apps for many years so they are already familiar with its functionality. Google has used the most simplest and understandable layouts that are user friendly to use. Google voice assistant is a very useful feature. Those who cannot write properly due to blindness or any other problem. They always make apps that are very simple to use. For teachers and students, both Google Apps are very easy to use.

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google apps for education are equally beneficial for both teachers and students. As they provide a complete proof and task sheet for every student and teachers also know that what they have to do and when. As the world is moving towards the use of technology heavily its a need of the hour for schools and colleges to upgrade their manual tasks and assignments online. This can make their workload lesser and provide some relaxation to the students and teachers as well. Everything has its bad and good effects and it’s up to you that what you choose.

I hope this will help you in understanding the use and benefits of google apps for education.

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