Government should focus more on Special Educations

Government should focus more on Special Educations

Special children have special needs. It is just a matter of realizing that special children also hold every right to learn and educate themselves. With the help of special care and attention, they can also proceed in the way any normal kid would do. Beginning with this debate, the question that arises here is. what is Special Education?

Let us have a brief introduction to “Special Education” before we proceed.

What is Special Educations?

A program designed for those intellectually, physically, socially, and/or emotionally impaired students. This “impairment” broadly categorized as a developmental delay, signifies an aspect of the overall development of the child which places it behind its peers. The needs of these students cannot achieve in these ordinary classrooms. Special educations programs and services customize the content. Instructional approach, and training to match each child’s specific needs.

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Provision of Special Educations

Specifically talking about special educations in Pakistan. Persons with disabilities (PWD) make up 13.4 percent of Pakistan’s total population, which is around 28 million people. The number of children suffering from disabilities out of this staggering amount is significantly higher.

According to the Punjab Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS), 17.9 percent of all children aged 5 to 17 in the province have one or more functional disabilities. Assessed as functional challenges in a range of domains. Including hearing, vision, communication/understanding, learning, mobility, and emotions.

When we pair with this the fact that children with disabilities are ten times less likely to go to school than those without, and even though they go to school. They are more likely to drop out sooner than their peers who don’t suffer from the same difficulties. a very troubling image starts to appear. The disadvantage these children suffer as they pass through life is amplified, culminating in a situation. Where their lack of educations becomes a greater impediment than their disability.

Role of Government

Taking into consideration the social positioning, mental instabilities, and other challenging factors involved in the life of special children. The government must take the following steps. to ensure the adequate care and support needed for these kids. So that they may also excel alongside their non-disabled peers within and outside the school system.

  • Provide access to adequate and free public educations for all students with disabilities between the ages of three and 21.
  • Create an Individualized Educations Plan ( IEP) for individual children.
  • Provide a safe and successful transfer to an acceptable pre-school curriculum. For all children enrolled in Early Intervention (EI) programs.
  • Make sure specific educations programs are given for all children studying in private schools.
  • Ensure the teachers are trained and accredited to teach special educations properly.
  • Ensure that autistic children are not suspended or expelled at levels higher than their normally developing peers.

These plans must be structured and reported to the special educations authorities. Moreover, the government should provide advanced Instructional improvements to meet the individual needs of the child.

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