Free certifications by Oracle that are worth $150+ each on normal rates

Oracle free courses

Getting bored during lockdown and don’t know what to do in this time? Or you are looking to get some certifications from well renowned companies that can boost your career. Oracle is here to just provide you that opportunity. Oracle has made some of its certifications free of cost. These certifications are worth $150 and some even above $300 on normal rates. These certifications that includes more than 50 hours of online training and six certificate exams is free until May 15. Beauty about this certification is that you can attempt exam from your home.

How to get free Oracle certification?

Well! its very simple. To get Oracle free certification, all you need to do is get free Oracle Single-sign-On(SSO) account. For that click here.

Once done with that you can select these courses. Enroll your self and once you are ready, purchase exam(You will get 100% discount at time of checkout) and appear in that exam and clear it. 🙂

I hope this post helps you to boost your career and makes your resume even more attractive. Best Of Luck!

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