Free Online courses available on Coursera and there are hundreds of them.

free courses on coursera

It can be tricky to figure out which courses are free on Coursera. But there is no doubt that Coursera is providing free courses for everyone with 100% access to the material and that too for free. You get a chance to learn something new without paying a penny by enrolling in these courses. Staying at home and having enough time to now think of the things that you always wanted to learn. Coursera is now providing you the opportunity to learn new skills. 

If you are a freelancer then this can be your best opportunity to enhance your skills and offer even more to your clients. If you are a student or an employee who is now stuck at home with nothing to do then this is defiantly your golden opportunity. Get enrolled in these free courses, learn new skills and start a new career as freelancer or add these skills to your resume to boost your career.

There are actually hundreds of active free courses including the graded assignments, minus the certificate. Yup! If you want to get the certification then you will have to pay. But that is not necessary. You can learn the skills and just get into them. If you have right set of skills then believe me no one will ask or care that you have got the certification or not. And to be honest Online sources like Coursera, their certifications don’t have much of the value if you are mentioning them in your resume.

Here are some of the best free courses that you can select to learn.

Free Courses for Freelancers

Computer Science 

Other popular courses

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