Education Portal: Learning Made Easy

Education Portal: Learning Made Easy

Education Portal: Learning Made Easy

Education begins with effort. An effort is always needed to be seen as involving choice, rooted in beliefs, and influenced by feedback. The interest of a student must be understood as a cognitive and affective relationship between him, his subjects, and his teachers as well. Much is taught by formal education. These things can add quality value to our lives. Instead of focusing on what is important, which is the growth of young minds, the institutionalization of formal education nowadays, becomes too negatively hierarchical.

Not critiquing the social educational system of our society but whenever you practical experience an interaction with torchbearers of education in this society, you most of the time get disappointed with their rigid possession with the old methods of teaching and managing the administration by hand.

In a world where life has been not completely but up to a certain extent depended on technology, our educational system is still a loss. The logistics side of formal education is so cluttered and messed up with the overly burdened student amount along with underrated staff. This is the basic need of our educational institutions to modify their system according to the needs of the society. Memorizing things is the main issue every second student face. So you can read this topic How To Memorize Things Faster to come over this problem

We already have enough resources to rely upon, to shift our system to online learning. One of the most reliable options for this purpose could be the “Custom Web portal” or “Education portal”. Not only large educational institutions but schools/colleges can use this as one of the teaching options.

Possibilities of using Education portal:  

This system is not only helpful for administration based strategies but can also help at each stage of education and learning, whether it be an admin staff, principal, teacher, or a student. Let’s have an overlook of the functioning proficiencies of this system at each step in the education system.

Admin level:

If you are a member of the admin staff, the educational portal can streamline your work to a great extent and help them. As the head of a school/college, you can see all of your school’s operations.


  • Online data management i.e. data of students, teachers, admin staff, and their progress. 
  • Heads will see all the activities like online classes, attendance, and other activities managed by the faculty.
  • Institution’s financial status i.e. fee submission and paychecks amount calculations through fee and receipt management system.

Admin level benefits through Education portal

  • No issues of conflicting time table
  • There will be no issues of double-booked lecture rooms 
  • The education portals will help to solve many redundant tasks like fee submission issues etc. 

Teaching Faculty:

Four classes a week, will not be the only job for teachers This is a lot more than that. With the aid of an educational web portal, a teacher can perform his tasks relatively more easily than before.


  • You can keep track of each student’s progress. By the record of class tests, quizzes, assignments, exams, and attendance records.
  • You can add sessions to the portal if you need to take any extra sessions. Which will notify your students that they have an extra class. The portal will only allow you to book a slot automatically if none of your students have a different class.

Student level:

Students can access the majority of the modules as’Viewonly’. Basically, this site gives them a summary of how they’re doing during a given academic year.


  • Students can view their academic situation regarding their grades and attendance and if necessary, improve it.
  • Students and us this portal to submit their leaves by attaching their medical along. In short, they can communicate the administrative authority easily through this portal for their personal as well as academic issues.

A school or college is a very complex structure with numerous variables. It shapes the lives of students and the careers of those involved in how education works, from professors to admin employees. It’s no small feat to run a school. With more than a hundred students taking more than 20 courses each. It can be challenging for teachers and administrative staff to manage.

An Education portal aims at streamlining the complex workflow. Since a school would require a solution at the enterprise level so it could expand when it needs to. Any portal development firm can configure this to suit your specific needs. That will help streamline your operations at school, college, or university.

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