Distance learning, its pros and cons

distance learning

Distance learning, its pros and cons

The concept of Learning in the past, initiated with physical struggle and knowledge. There was a time in the past when education and learning had some totally different meanings. In this digital era, modes of education and learning, are completely innovative. People are no more bound to wake up so early, catch a bus on time to reach the school/college to sit back in the classroom for almost half a day. One of the latest innovations of this digital life could be known as Digital learning, also known as distance education, e-learning, and online learning. 

Distance learning defines any learning that happens without the teachers and students being present physically in the class. We can call it as a form of education in which the mandatory part is the use of various technologies to facilitate communication between student-teacher and student-student. You can also read 5 Habits Of Quick Learners 

Virtual learning: pros and cons

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Studying a degree through distance learning has several gains and losses to you:

  • You can manage your home and work along with your education.
  • Decide exactly when and where you are studying with the collaboration of your teacher and class fellows.
  • You can earn a degree in any part of the world. 
  • Courses on distance learning also cost less than full-time degrees, so you can save money as well.
  • You can choose the courses which fit your timetables and resources.
  • You can still miss the moments as well as the social aspects of life, you enjoy while being on the campus.

Distance learning provides us with a lot of feasibilities and felicities in our schedule but we cannot deny the fact that online education is definitely not a silver bullet. There’s still going to be a need for in-class learning, because the certain cons in your learning life will not really make you completely satisfied. It would be a better way to explain these pros and cons with an example. An example that can almost every student out there, can relate to, in the world of the year 2020.

Coronavirus and distance learning

2020, a haunted year till now, that actually turned the tables at every forum of the world. Let’s just rewind, before 2020, life was on track. By that, I actually mean a robotic life, a set patterned life, a hustled life, life to be on time at every point. We never thought for a second, what if our life get stagnant? What if the hustle just turned into calmness? What if people think to work from home? What if CLASSES WOULD BE TAKEN FROM HOME? At that point, it would feel nothing less than sweet dreams, but no one knows, it could be traumatic too.

There are a couple of reasons that made me consider the life of distance learning in the recent world seems traumatic. Which I am going to state in the bullets below: 

  • Both the teacher and the pupil would face “less interaction” and would ultimately affect the productivity of students. 
  • Most of the students get distracted. Why? Because most of them have an excessive workload.
  •  While some of you suffer from your own disturbed sleep schedule, and what happens next was that you couldn’t make it up for the next lecture.

Distance Learning VS Mental Health

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Moving on, there exists another problem for you to deal with, i.e. anxiety and mental health. How it impacts the working? Pandemic has got us so harsh. Man being a social animal, need to socialize, and that robotic life serves us a way to mobilize and meet people on a daily basis, so interestingly, the workload seems less. But now the situation is different, each day listening to a new happening during these circumstances, while spending a whole day in front of a white screen seems lethal. Indeed, it’s not absurd if we say that it paves a way to more complicated problems. All these things terrible impact mental health. 

Wrapping Up

Coming back to our discussion and wrapping up my idea. If we talk about the normal upcoming situations in the future as we hope. Life is going to get so surprising yet complex. But we can say for sure, distance learning, has and will, provide us with more flexibility for different ways of learning. It seems like the future of learning will be as flexible in time and place as it is assumed.

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