Different types of interviews that you must know about

types of interviews

Different types of interviews that you must know about

Life is an unpredictable thing, so are the interviews. You never know what the interviewer is going to ask you. Knowing that you cannot predict the upcoming situation, doubles the stress. Interviews are such panicking things, even when you are prepared, you are not calm.

Talking of the interviews, what if I tell you that what is going to happen with you soon. Wouldn’t you be relieved? Wouldn’t it be awesome if you knew exactly what behavior, regarding the type of interview will lead you to a job, in your next job interview? There is always a question related to Tell Me About Yourself and here is the answer that you should give in your interview.

We can’t read minds, unfortunately, but we can give you the next best thing; a deep introduction to the types of interviews and how you are supposed to present yourself to pass them easily. That really does not mean that you go all prepared and have canned responses to every interview. A little help this article gives is, that you get comfortable with the situation you are going to face soon. 

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For you and an employer, the objective of a job interview is, to learn about each other. Employers want to evaluate your skills and you want to evaluate the employer, too. Various types of interviews could be conducted, keeping in mind the nature of job. The more you learn about interview style, the more you’ll be able to prepare. Some of them have been discussed further.


Telephone screening interview

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An employer called for the dismissal of applicants based on the necessary requirements. A call is usually a first-round screening to see if you’re fit for a full interview so it’s crucial to nailing. You’ll want to plan for an in-person interview much as you would, with some specific changes for the phone style. Be prepared, an employer may call you without an appointment even. 

Tip: Have records of your work quest coordinated and handy. Refer to your CV if necessary.

In person screening interview

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The most commonly encountered scenario. Sitting down with a single interviewer and answering a series of questions ,designed to help her find out whether you are a decent work applicant or not.

Tip: Provide an initial impression of your attitude, interest and professional style. This might not be a final meeting, but you should present yourself well.

The group interview

types of interviews
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These type of interviews aren’t that common. For sales jobs, internships, or other positions where many people are hired for the same job. How can you catch the eye of the recruitment manager when you are part of the group? It takes some smart tactics and a little gusto.

Tip: try to stand out from the crowd.

The working interview

types of interviews
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You may be asked to perform an actual work task as part of the interview in some industries — writing, engineering, or even sales—. Also, the interviewees simply don’t want you to convince them you can do the work, they want to see it.

Tip: don’t panic. You will do perfect in the job if you go prepared.

The lunch interview

types of interviews
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Some of the reasons employers send work applicants out for lunch or dinner is to test their social skills to see whether they can gracefully manage themselves under pressure. 

Tip: Use your best table manners. Choose not too messy foods. Take a look at what to wear during a meal interview too.

Behavioral interview

types of interviews
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The interviewer will ask questions that allow you to explain how you treated circumstances relating to the job. This offers more information about your behavior, your personality and your temperament.

Tip: Think of a few examples ahead of time. Use examples which illustrate your abilities and give you a good impression.

Another secret to good interviewing is planning. Also, review common questions from an interview and practice answering them with someone else or in front of a mirror. 

If you’ve found these helpful, please take a look at our blog regarding the most common question asked in interviews, which might help you as well!

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