COVID-19,Pandemic demand change in Lifestyle.

covid-19 and economy fall down

Economy fall downs are never easy for any country ,even the developed nations suffer a lot during recession. The outbreak of COVID-19 has took place as a global issue. All countries are in standstill position due to this tragic situation .Even worse than the second world war. China ,where this wave rised, was  able to clear the area in 5 months. With all the new technology/methods on the board. But the facts proved that it’s not an easy job to be done.Countries like US, France ,Italy are not successful to handle this, having all the tools and techniques on their side.

Have you ever thought?

What if underdeveloped countries like Pakistan are not able to control this situation?. The results people will face?. Is this a better option  to continue with the same lifestyle that we were following before this outbreak? Does this situation demand any change from us?

As we all know that there is no vaccine for COVID-19 ,the only way to overcome COVID-19 to stay away from people .No social activities, means that everyone should stay at home. But , if people will stay at home ,how they will earn?. What sources will provide a booster to our economy? .According to the facts 20,000 confirmed cases in Pakistan ,with deaths under five hundred. The only way of curing this is a complete lock down. but  lock down is going to suffocate the country economy as well, which is already going through up and downs. This economic fall down is leaving questions on the livelihood of the poorer segment of our society.

“We are faced with two challenges, Corona Virus and its economic impact on the poor segments of the society”. As the middle- and lower-income groups struggle to earn enough income to feed themselves and pay for basic necessities. Which can result in hyper-inflation, joblessness and fall down of the economy.

COVID-19 ,Pandemic need changes:

Being a Nation , it’s the need of hour to bring some healthy changes in our lifestyles. Everyone should cut down the unnecessary social activities like parties ,weddings, hangouts with the family etc. The Holy Month of Ramzan is going so instead of having grand aftaries ,bring simplicity to your aftar tables. Think about those who are already living hand to mouth. And,this pandemic has bring complete silence to their kitchens. Look for the daily wagers ,try to help them out instead of satisfying your carvings.

“kindness contributes significantly to happiness.” Try to volunteer yourself for bringing happiness ,to those who are suffering badly through this pandemic situation. Everyone needs to pitch in to rescue each other from this situation. We are not rich but we have big hearts and with this we will defeat this Virus INSHAH ALLAH.

Hifza Khan is a content writer at Elearnpedia since April 2020. Her passion for helping people in all aspects of online education flows through in the expert blogs she provides. In addition to writing blogs, Hifza is also a software engineer currently pursuing her studies from IIU Islamabad, Pakistan.

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