Being a working woman in Pakistan

working women in Pakistan

Any society that fails to tackle the creativity of its women is at a huge loss. ~Tian Wei. According to a report by the HRC of Pakistan, only 2% of Pakistani women participate in the employment. This amount is worst as compared to the working women in Pakistan ratios in other developing countries. The problems that are faced by women in Pakistan are not  only  about a region,  religion. They are also considered as half human being. They have been exploited and are being exploited in the name of traditions, customs, religion, modernity and culture. Economic independence is allusive to them. These are the inhuman customs in society.

The share of working women of Pakistan in government jobs is  very low and in low grades. They work as nurses, teachers,  peons,  sweepers,  attendants,  computer  operators,  etc.  The working environment for them in Pakistan is extremely discouraging and these women are considered impious. Women’s mostly faced problems of favoritism,  gender discrimination ,harassment ,family incorporation ,discomfort environment etc.

Working women participate in the country’s economy and that they are  half the  nation of Pakistan.  One way  or the  other, they  are  discouraged and disheartened by the  gender discrimination. The acceptance  of their status  must be first done  by  the  family  members .Then comes the phase of encouragement by society .  If we want to make Pakistan a developed country  then man and women have to  work side by side. Together we grow.

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