Author: Iman Gul

Student at IIU Islamabad. Content writer and developer Laravel & ASP.NET expert.

Top best 10 online courses to learn

Introduction Do you want to develop a new skill? If Yes, then I am going to tell you about the top 10 best online courses you should learn. In current Coivid-19 circumstances, everyone is free at home. Don’t waste this time by watching seasons and movies all day. Just start taking a good online course […]

10 Facts about Quaid -e-azam you must know in 2020:

Quaid -e-azam is the man that is behind the independence of Pakistan. He was born on 25 December, 1876.  His father name was Jinnahbhai Poonja  and he was a famous merchant. He started studying at the age 6 in Madrasatul-Islam. He was indifferent with his studies .He likes more to play outdoor games. His parents […]

5 Habits of Quick Learners

Are you a quick learner? If yes then you must have these habits for sure. If not, don’t be sad, just develop these few habits in yourself and then you can be a  quick learner too. Some people have the ability to grasp things more quickly, for some it is indeed a time-consuming process. Anyone […]

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