Author: Hifza Khan

Hifza Khan is a content writer at Elearnpedia since April 2020. Her passion for helping people in all aspects of online education flows through in the expert blogs she provides. In addition to writing blogs, Hifza is also a software engineer currently pursuing her studies from IIU Islamabad, Pakistan.


With the evolution of technology, everyone is all dependent on technology gadgets. Staying in beds or on the sofa all the time surrounding with laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc. Physical Education is fading away and people are more focusing on the use of gadgets for their leisure time. Parents are busy in earning a livelihood for […]

How to Self Educate Yourself

A perspective prevailing in our societies is that to get educated one must go to the school/college/university, he/she can only get educated by this medium. I always have debated over this supporting that one should Self-educate his/herself. Now the question arises on how to self-educate yourself. Before diving into how to self-educate yourself, let me […]

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