Author: Faiza Binte Tariq

Top 10 Must Watch teacher movies

Top 10 Must-Watch teacher movies If we go back to our school days, most of us would have an inspirational mentor, right? A teacher who must have made a difference in our lives with his existence and ways of teachings. These teachers are the coaches in the match of life. The masters, who not only […]

why student and teacher positive relationship is important for education?

Why are student-teacher positive relationships important? Student and teacher relationships can have a lasting effect on a child’s growth. There are few teachers that you never forget. If they have mentored you in your pet subject or supported you on your way to university, you have some time very good relationship with your educators. For […]

Government should focus more on Special Educations

Special children have special needs. It is just a matter of realizing that special children also hold every right to learn and educate themselves. With the help of special care and attention, they can also proceed in the way any normal kid would do. Beginning with this debate, the question that arises here is. what […]

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