10 qualities of a good teacher

10 qualities of a good teacher

10 qualities of a good teacher: Teaching in a society is no less important than any other passion. Teachers are the people who create, built, and discover the personalities of the future doctor, engineers, and lawyers of the next generation. Good teachers are important to student progress and academic performance. In fact, a good teacher is a person who can make a difference in a student’s life, affecting everything from learning in their classroom to long-term success. If you’re considering an education career it’s necessary to explore a good teacher’s qualities. Also for students, it is important to learn new things have a look at this Top Data Science Skills To Learn In 2020

In Asian societies, specifically in Pakistan, knowledge is usually provided by teachers through passive methods of learning. The general prospect seems to be a little political, whereas the case is contrary to this. Methods of learning vary from teacher to teacher, but there are specific qualities a good teacher must possess to maintain the best chemistry with his/her students.

Here are some qualities a good teacher have

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Patience and Confidence

Patience, in my perspective, not only in the field of teaching, pay the best reward in every field and every stage of life. Possessing qualities of personality characteristics such as patience and confidence, being a compassionate individual. Having an affectability to students as well, are one of the best characteristics a teacher can adopt.

Strong Communication

Strong communication skills are a must when it comes to successful teaching. Possession of strong communication skills is one of the important attributes of an ideal instructor. Having strong command over both the English language and the regional dialect is currently one of the key qualifications for being a teacher. It helps them build an efficient student-focused learning and teaching atmosphere for students.

Good Listener

Great communication doesn’t stop when the teacher’s done speaking to the class. One of the most important skills required to be a teacher is to listen well. Good listening skills also help the teachers to understand their students better. They can also tailor the lessons to help them learn how to communicate well. 


Self-reflection is the ability of a person to focus on one’s own needs, desires, and interests which can contribute to both self-acceptance and academic success. Teachers who reflect as a teacher on their own strengths, faults, and characteristics and are intent on improvement are better able to encourage their students to have the same level of self-reflection.

Good classroom management skills

Teachers with good organizational skills in the classroom have greater foresight, influencing, and disciplining students in classrooms. Acquiring the attribute therefore not only paves the way for a better relationship with the students but also greatly assists the teachers in their professional development.

Structure engage the teaching and lesson plans

Having a successful instructional method for students is the most important and challenging aspect of being a teacher. Creating engaging lessons and unit plans provides the perspective of teachers with respect to the objectives of the lesson, allows teachers to anticipate student problems, and ensures that the goal of teaching fulfills its goals and learning is successful.

Acting as a role model

Laying down rules and promoting such activities is a positive step in the advancement of students. Teachers who model the same behaviors, their students have been asked for, are more likely to help students develop positive habits and behaviors. Such teachers are more likely to become the role models of their students.

Effective goal setting

The most successful teachers know how to set specific targets, single lessons, their entire class and themselves, for individual students. Developing expectations will help gage academic success while providing students with consistent feedback on how to improve. Goals also play a significant role in setting and evaluating challenges, for both the students and the teachers.

Adaptability and flexibility

Every student originates from a specific context with individual personalities, educational needs, and milestones in progress. Teachers find that when one lesson plan or teaching approach works well for one form of student, another student doesn’t work well. Good teachers know how to learn and respond to each student’s individual needs.

Promote a love of learning

Great teachers make learning enjoyable by teaching students in a way that is engaging and appeals to the interests of the students. Students are more likely to engage in the classroom when they enjoy learning, do well academically, and value continuing education.

Good teachers are the most important factor leading to student’s success in the classroom. More important than services, school personnel, and even school leadership. So, it is very necessary for a good teacher to adapt to whatever environment they are provided. And adopt the above-mentioned characteristics. This advancement in their professional life will not only benefit the students but also themselves.

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