10 Facts about Quaid -e-azam you must know in 2020:

quaid-e-azam picture
Quaid -e-azam picture
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Quaid -e-azam is the man that is behind the independence of Pakistan. He was born on 25 December, 1876.  His father name was Jinnahbhai Poonja  and he was a famous merchant. He started studying at the age 6 in Madrasatul-Islam. He was indifferent with his studies .He likes more to play outdoor games. His parents always told him to focus on studies. In 1887, Jinnah moved to Bombay city for the sake of better education with her aunt. So,he started studying in Gokal Das Tej primary school in Bombay.

After 6 months her left school in Bombay and moved back to his parent. After coming back to Karachi his name was strucked off from school due to short attendance so he joined sindh Madrassa. Quaid -e-azam was not an easy child to control. He spends his free time by reading book of poetry. After going to London he started studying law in Lincoln’s Inn. After qualified as a barrister in England Jinnah moved to India. Now he started making his name in India. He was one of finest lawyers in India. After serving half century for justice he left the occupation of lawyer.

Jinnah in All India Muslim League:

Quaid -e-azam was very interested in politics. He started his career with Indian National Congress in 1906.In 11913 he joined All India Muslim League. After joining new party Jinnah started arranging meetings with higher level people of party. He started working in political activities by attending parties discussion groups etc. he has given a strong speech at twenty sixth session of league that was held in Patna in 1938 at that time there were two types of people one who believed that Hindu and muslims can still work together and others has already understand it that they cannot live together.

He asserted that Muslims should have separate homeland. Hindu and Muslims have different religions, different culture so they cannot live together more..A resolution is passed in Lahore on March 23 that creates the mindset of people of two nations. On august 23, we got a separate homeland to live in the form of Pakistan. Quaid -e-azam was died on 11 September, 1948 near Karachi.  Tuberculosis was the cause of the death.

1.Youngest Indian to pass Law examination:

quaid e azam picture by wikiwand.com
A picture by wikiwand.com

In 1896, he became the first youngest Indian to pass law examination.He was a famous sand most successful lawyer of his time. He served half century as lawyer to his country. Jinah was the only barrister in Bombay. He has won many famous cases in court for example: Raja of Nanpara case, Bibi Khaver Sultan case etc made him popular in India. Jinnah was extremely intelligent his arguments in courts make the opposition quiet. After some time he said good bye to the passion of lawyer and joined politics.

2.First marriage only lasted for few weeks:

Parents arranged the fisrt marriage of Quaid -e-azam.As the traditions of that time the bride and groom have to accept the terms of family. he was sixteen years old at that time.. He married to a fourteen year old girl named Emibai. The marriage ceremony took place at February 1892.Jinah has taken time to adjust with his new bride. As he was sailed from India his new bride died.

3.Jinnah’s second marriage with Ruttie:

Quaid -e-azam married to Ruttie after sometime .She was from a Parsi family so she first converted into Islam. After some time their only child Dina was born in London. Due to Jinnah political activities he had no time for Ruttie and family. After seeing this Ruttie and Jinnah started living separately. Ruttie moved to London for some time for better environment.  After coming alone to Bombay Ruttie fall ill and died on 20, February, 1929. Due to Ruttie death Jinnah was extremely sad and broken. Ruttie love for Jinnah was never ending.

4.A career in theater

In London Quaid -e-azam visited the theater many times. He was very fan of Shakespearean actors. Jinnah dream was to play the role of Romeo in theater. When he got a job in theater he wrote a letter to inform his father. His father was very against the acting career. He wrote a letter to Jinnah and taught him “does not be a traitor to the family”. This line influenced him to change his decision for career.

5.First Governor General of Pakistan:

After the separation of Hindus and Muslims two states come to existence one as India and other as Pakistan. The governors in both countries are Quaid -e-azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah in Pakistan and Chakravarti Rajagopalachari in India. After Jinnah there were three more governors of Pakistan that are following.

  • Sir Khawaja Nazimuddin (1876-1948)
  • Sir Ghulam Muhammad(1895-1956)
  • Iskander Mirza (1899-1969)

6.Jinnah was a poetry lover:

In leisure time Quaid -e-azam loves to read poetry. He reads Shakespeare and other poets of that time. Jinnah read books coming back to home. Quaid -e-azam was interesed in reading books.

7.Never wore the same tie again:

Quaid -e-azam was a very handsome man and he has never worn the same tie again. He was very famous among his family and friends for his good dressing sense. Even in his last days ,formal dressing is insisted by him.

8.Taken 1 Rs salary per month:

There was a time Quaid -e-azam was the most expensive and most successful lawyers of India. He charged 1500 per case . He has fixed his salary to 1 rupee per month as a governor general of Pakistan. The reason behind this is was not to burden financial condition of state.

9.Jinnah cap has its own significance:

Jinnah always wore a cap during All India Muslim League sessions in Lucknow. This signifies the dream of Allama Muhammad Iqbal of separate homeland for Muslims.  This cap is still famous till now.

10.Has a road named in turkey:

In the capital of Turkey, Ankara there is a road named after Quaid e azam. It is called as a “Cinnah Caddesi”.In turkey we write Cinnah as the spelling of Jinnah.

Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah is a real inspiration for all youngsters.He is the founder of Pakistan .Due to him, Pakistani people can live in seperate homeland.

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